The Global Rule of Law & Liberty Legal Defense Fund (“the Fund”) is a legal and public policy non-government organization based in the United States. Our attorneys focus on defending wrongfully persecuted persons at the hands of repressive governments as well as other persons denied the ability to freely exercise fundamental liberties in stable or established democracies.

Individuals the world over are denied the right to freely own property, worship as they please or say what they want. Most of the cases that our lawyers support arise in other nations. However, we also defend persons in the United States and other democracies were out of control local, state, and federal governments implement laws and regulations that violate, at times subtlety, the fundamental rights of its citizens.

Accountability begins locally. For cases arising in foreign nations, our goal is to resolve matters locally, rather than internationally. We do this, in part, by always working and supporting local counsel defend persons in local courts rather than advocating in international bodies or tribunals such as the Inter-American Commission for Human Rights, among others. While the Fund will collaborate with international organizations or NGOs, that is not our focus.

Wrongfully persecuted persons should be afforded every possibility to resolve matters locally, where the actors are most accountable. Even in nations with weak, or non-existent rule of law systems, efforts should be made to resolve political and legal conflicts locally, rather the involving un-elected, un-accountable international organizations and other players such as NGOs.

International organizations, usually flawed entities that are made up of governments with terrible human rights records are rarely, if ever, the best fora to help find justice for political persecuted persons. These unaccountable, unelected, and mostly mismanaged entities are a poor vehicle to bring justice. Only local solutions can engender the long-term benefits needed to create a civil society where every individual believes that he or she has the ability to live free and, when fundamental rights are violated, a local forum or process us available to find proper redress.

Headquartered in the United States, but working with legal and other public policy professionals internationally, the Fund’s legal and public policy teams have experience working with, and helping, unjustly persecuted persons from the around the world. Prior to the creation of the Fund, our teams have worked on matters, both in the private sector and during government service involving Cuba, Iran, China, North Korea, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Ecuador, Russia, and many more.

In some cases, moving quickly on multiple fronts and forums in several countries can make the difference, especially when the personal safety or liberty of the person is at stake. We believe the individuals, working in concert with others in their station in life, not governments, are the best change agents. To that end our legal and public policy professionals in the United States team with local experts to do their work.

The Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and helps defray legal fees and other expenses associated with defending these complex cases. Contributions are tax deductible. Follow this PayPal link to make a donation today!

Potential cases and clients are screened for eligibility as well as ability to pay and based on the resources of the Fund. Even if nominal, we believe that every client should contribute something to his or her defense. Only clients who have made a prima facie case of persecution or violation for their fundamental rights will be considered.